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How to Crop Images in Preview on Mac: Easy

how to crop in preview

Need to crop image on Mac? Preview makes it easy! Follow these simple steps to learn how to crop in Preview.

If you are looking crop image on Mac, Preview is great tool for using. With just few simple steps, you can easily crop your image to desired size and shape. Here is step how to crop image in Preview.

Steps Crop Images in Preview

1: Open image in Preview

The first step crop image Preview on Mac is open image you want crop. You can do this tap double click on image file or open Preview select “File” Open and choose image file from your computer. Once image open in Preview, you are ready to start cropping.

2: Select Crop in preview tool from toolbar

To begin cropping your pic in Preview on your Mac, you will need select Crop tool from toolbar. The Crop tool is represented by a square with dotted lines around it. You can find the toolbar at top of Preview window. So if you did not see toolbar, you can enable it select “View” Show Toolbar from menu bar. Once you have select Crop tool, you will see bounding box around your image you can adjust crop it to desired size and shape.

3: Drag edges select area of crop

After select Crop tool in Preview on Mac, you can drag edges of bounding box to select area of image that you want to keep. So you can adjust size and shape of box drag corners or sides. Once you crop box positioned correctly, you can hit “Enter” key or click “Crop” in toolbar to apply crop. If you change your mind and want to undo crop, you can simply hit “Command + Z” or select “Edit” Undo Crop” from menu bar.

4: Adjust crop box using handle

Once you have selected Crop tool in Preview on Mac, you can adjust size and shape of crop box using the handles. Simply click and drag any handle resize box. If you need input specific dimension, you can apply this click on “Tools” menu and select “Adjust Size.” From there, you can enter exact dimensions you need for crop image. Therefore this feature especially useful if you need crop image to specific size for website or social media platform.

5:Click “Crop” to apply changes

Once you adjust size and shape of crop box in Preview on Mac, its time to apply changes. Simply click on “Crop” button in toolbar or press Return key on keyboard. Your image will crop fix size and shape you specified. If you are not happy with results, you can always undo crop select “Edit” from menu bar and choose Undo Crop. Preview, crop images tool on Mac nothing easy!

Guide crop image in preview on mac

Here is simple guide how to crop images in Preview on Mac:

  • Open image you want cut in Preview.
  • Click on “Show Markup Toolbar” menu button at top of screen. It looks like pen in circle.
  • Select “Selection” tool from toolbar. It look like square with dash line around it.
  • Click and drag mouse over part of image you want to keep. This will create a rectangular selection box.
  • Once you select area that you want keep, click on “Tools” in top menu bar, select “Crop” from dropdown menu. You can use keyboard shortcut Command + K.

The part of image outside of selection box will removed, and you will left with cropped image. You can save cropped image click on “File” in top menu bar, select “Save” or Export.


Preview and image crop on Mac is simple and effective way and easy to use. By using preview selection tool and crop feature, you can easily cut out unwanted parts of images and focus on specific area you want to keep. So follow these simple steps, you can quickly crop and save images in Preview or use for variety of purpose.

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