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How to Hide Likes on Twitter: A Complete Guide

Learn how to keep your Twitter likes private with this easy to follow guide. Follow these steps to hide your likes on Twitter and maintain your privacy.

If you are looking keep your Twitter activity private, you may want consider hide your likes. This feature especially useful if you are using Twitter for professional purposes or simply want to maintain your privacy. Therefore, hide your likes on Twitter is simple process that work in just few steps.

Go to Twitter profile and click on Setting option

how to hide likes on twitter

The first step hide your likes on Twitter is simply go to your profile and click on “Settings and Privacy” option. You can found click on profile picture in top right corner of screen and select “Settings and Privacy” from dropdown menu. Once you visit on setting page, scroll down to “Privacy and Safety” section and click on Privacy.

Click on Privacy and Safety tab

click on privacy setting hide likes on twitter

After click on “Settings and Privacy” option in Twitter profile, scroll down to “Privacy and Safety” section. Click on tab access privacy setting for Twitter account. Here, you can adjust various setting related your account privacy. Including who can see your tweets, who can tag you in photos and who can send you direct messages.

Scroll down to Tweet Privacy section

hide likes on twitter

Once you access “Privacy and Safety” section of your Twitter account setting, scroll down to “Tweet Privacy” section. Here, you will see option “Protect your Tweets.” Toggle this option make your likes and tweets private. This mean only your approve followers will see your tweet and likes. Keep in mind this method make your account less discoverable, people need request follow you in order to see your content.

Click on the Likes tab

 hide likes  twitter

If you want to hide your likes on Twitter, First step you should turn off “Show best Tweets first” option. This feature display tweets that Twitter algorithm think you find most interesting at top of timeline, including tweet that you like. To turn off this option, you can prevent your likes from being displayed prominently on profile and your follower timelines. To do this, simply click on “Likes” tab on profile, and toggle off “Show best Tweets first” option.

Your likes will hidden now from public view

Congratulations! You have successfully hidden your likes on Twitter. This means your likes will no longer visible to public, including your followers. However, keep in mind that your likes may still be visible to Twitter and its partners for advertising and other purposes. If you want to further protect your privacy, you can consider using private Twitter account or limiting amount of personal information you share on platform.

Easy steps hide likes on twitter

There are some Simple but easy steps you can use to hide your likes from others on Twitter.

1: Make your Twitter account private

If you want to prevent people see your likes, easiest way to make your account private. This way apply, people who follow you will be able to see your tweets and likes.

To make your account private, simple go to Twitter setting, click on “Privacy and safety” toggle on “Protect your Tweets” option.

2: Unlike tweets you want to hide

If you have already liked some tweets that you don’t want others to see, you can unlike them by clicking on the heart icon again. This will remove your like from the tweet.

3: Use a third party app

Another option use third party app like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to manage your Twitter account. These apps allow you to create a private column for your likes, which only you can see.

To do this, create new column in Tweetdeck app or Hootsuite and select “Likes” as column type. Make sure set column private so only you can see it.

The Bottom Line

While Twitter does not built in feature to hide likes, you can make your account private, unlike tweets you want to hide use third party app manage your likes. Its important to remember that anything you like on Twitter still seen by person who post it, even if you hide it from your profile.

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